Adam Balan

Cat Lover, Software Developer.

Exhaustive Breaks

published: September 7th 2017

The exhaustion of sitting in a vape shop had started to get to me. The drama, the jokes, the stories and the idiots that all pass through started to ware down my enthusiasm to have conversations and make friends. After taking a break, only for a day or two, I started to wonder, was I projecting my own insecurities and crippling ...

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Life Lessons

published: September 4th 2017

I listened to the car as it scratched against the post while I tried to pull out of a parking space. Some jackass decided that parking super close to me was a good thing, no one said it was a good thing or even an easy thing. I sat there in my car wondering if this was some cosmic way of teaching me a lesson. A lesson in patience, ...

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Rpg Maker Mv And Javascript

published: June 7th 2017

On of the things I love to do in my spare time is working with an application known as RPG Maker MV. The main thing I love about this is that I can write Javascript. I am not the best javascript developer in the world, but I do alright, considering I am employed as a Node JS ...

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All of the works I am proud to display. More on Github.

Eve Public Crest

Quickly get information about the Eve Online Market

Eve Online Public Crest is a library that allows you to fetch Market Details and Historical Details.

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Ice Cream Router

A very simple, easily configurable router.

This is a very thin and very basic wrapper around the concept of symfony routing. Written for education purposes.

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Ice Cream DI

Dependency Injection made simple, easy and inspired.

I wanted a simple and effective way to replicate pimple and create DI at it's most basic level.

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