Adam Balan

Cat Lover, Software Developer.

Arctic Events 0 1 0 Release

published: April 19th 2017

Arctic Events 0.1.0 has been re-written from the ground up, almost. The api it's self has been simplified and the concept of the library has been made simpler. The goal was to reduce the amount of complexity and fix some rather jarring bugs and issues with the first ...

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Arctic Events

published: April 12th 2017

Arctic Events is a simple, very simple, event management and handler for Javascript, written purely in ES6 and compiled via webpack and published to NPM. Ignore the out of date version badge, the actual version is ...

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Ice Cream Database

published: April 11th 2017

Ice Cream Database is a very simple connector to a database that returns, at the end of the day, a PDO object. I really wanted to understand how PDO works, how database connectors work in frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. I also wanted to keep the ...

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All of the works I am proud to display. More on Github.

Eve Public Crest

Quickly get information about the Eve Online Market

Eve Online Public Crest is a library that allows you to fetch Market Details and Historical Details.

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Ice Cream Router

A very simple, easily configurable router.

This is a very thin and very basic wrapper around the concept of symfony routing. Written for education purposes.

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Ice Cream DI

Dependency Injection made simple, easy and inspired.

I wanted a simple and effective way to replicate pimple and create DI at it's most basic level.

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